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Why Join?

Nutrition in Ghana is multifaceted, hence, a network of professionals from different backgrounds who are interested in agriculture and nutrition-linked issues are needed for faster impact and reduction of malnutrition in the country. The group’s primary aim is to bring professionals together and facilitate discussion for joint agriculture-nutrition promotion initiatives, such as training front line workers and community groups, supporting agriculture/nutrition training and research institutions, facilitating linkages with formal professional associations in Ghana. In addition, the group is also aiming to find ways to work with national policy makers for employment of graduates, initiate new training programs, share experiences for better impact on reduction of post-harvest losses and malnutrition, and secure sustainable development in Ghana. We aim at connecting people across institutions and disciplines to have a stronger voice, together, on agriculture-nutrition linkages within educational curricula and policy dialogue in Ghana. Members are encouraged to propose ideas and comments, invite new members to join the group, share news and other experiences through the group, and contribute their knowledge, time and resources. Members are encouraged to use the subgroup platform for announcements related to Ag2Nut cross-linked issues and job opportunities only. There will be regular face to face and online webinars for discussion forum, cross-institutional co-branded outputs, etc.