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Participation in this community is subject to the Terms of Engagement.

Why Join?

We are a global network of professionals working on issues pertaining to the intersection of agriculture and nutrition. The group is informal, and designed to facilitate information sharing and networking.

This Community of Practice arose in June 2010 when a number of DC-based professionals discovered that all were asked to write policy briefs on how to link agriculture and nutrition. The group formed to support knowledge-sharing and harmonization of guidance to these varied institutions.

The main activities are a monthly, thematic conference call with a topic proposed by a group member, and an announcement-only email list. The CoP is hosted by the UNSCN and has a coordinator. Emily Levitt Ruppert ( serves as the group coordinator. Please send recommendations for improvements to the group or themes for monthly calls to this email.

The outcomes of the group evolve with the needs of the members. We aim for this to be a useful place for sharing resources to build a common evidence pool. Note, the email list is not a discussion forum. Members are requested to send announcements/ informational messages. Conversations largely occur via conference calls. Thank you for your cooperation!